• Jamie Liew

    I love learning, and am currently a little more well-versed in neuroscience. Passionate about creative writing, musical theatre, people, and getting to the roots of things. Full of ideas, and enjoy being my own devil's advocate. I also make too much banana bread - if you want some, say hi!

  1. Are we removing the human from psychology?

    What is science to you? To me, science is where truth stands tall, looming over all petty human skirmishes and biases. Scientists test each other’s methods, …


  2. Why do we go with our gut?

    Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach? Had a gut feeling about a person? Or felt a lump in your throat, while watching a gut-wrenching movie? …


  3. Hippo-what? What’s it called again?

    What pops into your head when you see the word “Arctic”? Is it a vast ocean, massive icebergs, or a blanket of snow? Maybe you think …