• Jennifer Feinstein

    Jennifer Feinstein has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. She is now enrolled in the Master of Environment program here at the University of Melbourne with a focus in sustainable business. She looks forward to using and developing her science communication skills in this subject and in her future career.

  1. GMO or GM No?

    I recently watched Okja, a heart-warming and highly political film about concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) and super-pigs, which were genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The movie …


  2. Texting – it’s a pain in the neck!

    Chances are pretty good that you’re reading this on your phone right now or you will be using your phone at some point today. I am …


  3. Glow worms – they’re lit af

    Literally! During the day, it is hard to know they’re around, but by night, they showcase a spectacular light show, like a little city. But why …


  4. The Dead Sea is very much alive

    I paid the Dead Sea a visit as a part of my epic trip to Israel during August 2015. Despite it’s name, the Dead Sea isn’t …