• jfoleti

    Sandwiches are to be exclusively cut into triangles. Everything else is up for debate. Other than that, I'm just a man, trying to scrap out an existence.

  1. POOP! More than just a steaming pile of SH*T?

    You know that smelly pile of brown squishiness you flush down the toilet? It can be used to SAVE lives. Clostridium difficile infection (CDI), is a …


  2. CLEAR! Shock delivered!

    On the front line(sort of): “Code blue, Floor #, Room #, Bed #,” on a busy shift we’ll hear this a few times. I work in …


  3. Why Enthusiasm Matters

    Prospective: When you think of science what comes to mind? Maybe, but the image resonating with me contains a whole lot of THIS: Sometimes it’s easy …