• Jasmine Rhodes

    Master of Environment student. Intertwining science and arts to understand our knowings of nature.

  1. The science of a summer garden

    Think gardening is a quaint hobby reserved for the unscientific? The science behind a successful summer crop may be more complex than you think. Throughout my …


  2. The social constructs of science: Gender

    Most of us would like to think that science provides us with unbiased truths about the world. In reality, science is heavily influenced by our own …


  3. Ecologies of emotion: The importance of feeling for science

    As scientists, we are often told that our methods and studies are sharply separated from the wobbly world of emotion. But what if these funny feelings …


  4. The science of vegetal noticing

    Ever-increasing ecological challenges implore us to re-think our relationship with the environment. But where to we start in a world of overwhelming environmental challenges? Perhaps the …