• Kimberly Chhen

    A Masters of BioSciences student investigating water fleas, fish and the frog disease, chytrid fungus.

  1. Can we die?

    If an animal is in pain, we alleviate their suffering by euthanizing them. If we can no longer help an injured or sick animal, we euthanize …


  2. Bringing Back Extinct Animals

    Imagine waking up to a world like Jurassic Park. But instead of only dinosaurs, there’s also the woolly mammoth, dodo and Tasmanian tiger. You’re able to …


  3. Touring the Dark Side of Animal Attractions

    We all love to travel. Travelling provides an escape, a much needed break and the chance to experience something new. It allows us to immerse ourselves …


  4. Fighting the Plastic Battle

    Around two months ago, I watched the first series of ABC’s War on Waste (which I highly recommend). After learning that the major supermarkets have REDcycle …