• Kieran Christopherson

    Master of Urban Horticulture student. I like guitars, thyme, and environmental philosophy.

  1. The history of science is, wait for it… legendary

    This is The School of Athens, painted by Raphael in the sixteenth century during the high Renaissance. The image lives in the Stanza Della Segnatura of …


  2. Giving up alcohol was a way bigger deal than I thought it would be

    I just finished 6 weeks without drinking alcohol. That may not seem like much to some, but I’m Irish and I grew up in Frankston. I …


  3. Potentiality, identification, and ‘The Most Unknown’

    The Most Unknown is currently on Netflix, and it is in many ways a triumph of science communication. Produced by Vice’s Motherboard, this documentary offers a …


  4. Blockchain, biopirates, and the battle for the Amazon

    Ask any podcaster; podcasts are the medium of our generation. Although there is evidence of people using a similar sort of proto-technology dating back to the …


  5. Whose job is it anyway? A word on specialisation and environmentalism

    In a statement from 2014 that, depending on who you’ve unfollowed on social media, you may have seen as an oft meme’d meme, James Gustave Speth …