• Sci_keljay

    A Master of Environment student at UniMelb. Just trying to spread a little science with a bit of a smile.

  1. Netflix and…Run?

    I am a loud and proud, self-professed lazy person. I am. I like long days on the couch, reading or TV bingeing (thank you, Netflix). I …


  2. Don’t hug me! Hug them – they’re Finnish.

    I have friends who live in South America, North America, the United Kingdom and of course, just down the road here in Australia. While spending time …


  3. Sommeliers: Legitimate skill or an excuse to drink more?

    The concept of fine wines has always eluded me. As I sit here, drinking my $8 wine I realise the whole thing is lost on me. …


  4. Be aggressive, be be aggressive

    Boys fight. They do. There’s no point trying to deny it, there are far too many blatant pieces of evidence to deny the inexplicable truth that …