• Kimberley Reid

    I like thunder so loud it makes you stop mid conversation, and lightning that turns night into day. Masters student researching rainfall and climate change in Victoria. Outside of university, I represent youth in my local council, and write middle grade fiction about time-travelling detectives.

  1. Hurricane Havoc: can we really blame climate change?

    In the past two months, Hurricane Harvey dumped record breaking floods on Houston and Hurricane Irma shattered wind speed records. Two main opinions laced social media …


  2. Do sabre-toothed tigers prowl university campuses?

    Do sabre-toothed tigers lounge in empty lecture theatres? Have you seen a grizzly bear queuing for coffee? They sound like ridiculous questions, but one-fifth of Australian …


  3. The Suffocating City

    To the north of Melbourne lies a deadly beast. In winter, it hibernates, but come spring the beast will stir, and if provoked, exhale its poison …


  4. Four Seasons in One Day

    Ancient wisdom says: if you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, just wait five minutes. Winter, 2016, early afternoon. I meandered out of my geography tutorial …