• Kirthana Senthil

    Kirthana is, for the moment, interested in all things about the eye and immune system--after all, that's all she's been reading about for her Masters in Biomedical Science (Vision Science). But she is easily amazed by all aspects of science. She is also obsessed with film, music and the performing arts.

  1. Diets are doomed to fail

    In today’s world, even if you’re slightly overweight like me, you are likely to have thought about dieting. Weight loss has become an incredible industry in …


  2. The Science of Staring Competitions

    When was the last time you were in a staring competition? Let me guess, you were 10 years old and trying desperately to avoid school work. …


  3. Fields. Farms. Murder. Hills. Plains.

    Does any word in the title stand out to you? Let me guess…is it ‘murder’? In fact, can you almost not take your eyes away from …


  4. Predicting schizophrenia with your eye colour

    Whenever I read a title like this, I roll my eyes and immediately think of the Steven Spielberg classic film, Minority Report. I make up my …