• Lixing XU

    Mr. Lixing Xu is a student of Master of Science (Optometry and Vision Science), mainly situated in Alice Hoy building. Given some common aspects between investigating the eyes and observing the Universe, he is also a fan of astronomy.

  1. Adaptive optics: from sky to the eyes

    The Universe is wonderous, and twinkling stars always look mysterious. Astronomers can make use of various tools to unveil the myths of these stars that are …


  2. Feeling non-existent limbs: phantom sensation

    You know what? Some people without forearms can still feel the non-existing forearms. This situation, feeling the non-existent part of the body, is called phantom sensation. …


  3. Contact lenses for more than just correcting vision!

    Contact lenses are very common these┬ádays and not strange anymore. However, there are a lot of amazing innovations based on contact lenses. They can achieve more …


  4. Gravitational Waves: Ripples in the Universe

    Do you expect the surface of the water to change when you toss a stone into a pond? Yes, you are right, ripples come out. Quite …