• Vivian Loh

    I like baking, and burning cookies.

  1. What’s In A Name?

      Okay, let’s play a spelling bee game.   How to play: (1) Look at the following scientific names for 10 seconds. (2) Scroll down the …


  2. So, What Colour Should I Wear for My Next Date?

      I have a date coming up this Friday. I opened up my wardrobe and shortlisted these five dresses:   1. Little black dress A (with …


  3. Is It Okay to Poop Your Pants When You’re Scared?

      Disclaimer: Please read at own risk. This post may contain content including, but not limited to, spoiler to the movie The Conjuring, and slightly disturbing …


  4. Do You Believe in Unicorns?

      Please answer the following questions carefully before continue: 1) Have you ever wanted a pet Dragon? 2) Do you believe in Mermaids? 3) Do you …