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  1. Even more buzzing about Australia’s native bees.

    This will be my last post about Australian bees, so I thought I’d put a couple of more beautiful ones but then finish up with a …


  2. When art becomes science.

    Usually I think that art is often taking science and looking at it in a different way, allowing the unseen to become seen. Though this is …


  3. “Fibonacci? Isn’t that a pasta?”

    I rolled my eyes at my friend. “No,” I replied, “it’s got to do with maths.” He gave me a funny look and said “But you …


  4. More buzzing about native bees

    I thought I would talk about a couple more of Australia’s native bees because spring is here and they will be beginning to emerge. So keep …


  5. The most fearless animal in the world.

    This title is not given to just any animal, especially when it is the Guinness World Records books. So you know whatever animal it is, it’s …


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