• Vivian

    Master of Science(Computer Science) student, doing research in data mining area. Glad to share thoughts with people and pleasant to hear feedbacks.

  1. Coding vs Writing

    I know “coding” might be intimidating to many people, and you may easily relate it to programmer and hundreds of thousands line of codes. With such …


  2. Wireless Charging – power your phone without wires

    Most of people use smartphones everyday and the charging sometimes can be really annoying in terms of charging cables. If you are an iPhone user, you …


  3. Math Anxiety – Let it go

    Do we really need Math in our lives? Yeah! I don’t care how long it will take the ball to the peak either. So do we …


  4. Think one step further – the simple hack to be more creative

    Do you really lack of “luck”? Did you have experience like participating an intense BP debate and you tried your best to come up with as …