• William McDonald

    I'm a second year Physics student who's hoping to study particle physics in later education. I enjoy sport, running and musical theatre as well as my curricular time commitments.

  1. Flamingos: Nature’s Croquet Mallet

    Flamingos are very strange creatures. Popular culture has propagated the myth that flamingos are graceful creatures. That is just not so. Let me begin by saying …


  2. The Strange Charm of Quantum Electrodynamics

    Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) is a model in physics that describes the very small. At very small scales, reality is built up like Lego. Atom nuclei are …


  3. Singing in The Rain: In Space!

    Let’s say you wanted to remake a movie musical and for some reason, you were really attached to Singing in the Rain. Maybe it was a …