• Megan Clarke

    Megan Clarke is a Masters of Environment student interested in how to engage our community in more sustainable ways of living. Science is really in everything we do! So she is looking forward to discussing a range of topics together, from gardening, organic foods, simple living and minimising consumption... and so much more!

  1. Searching for forest fairies

    Saving our Leadbeater’s Possum One night when I was a young girl, I was lucky enough to see some forest fairies. My family and I were …


  2. Lucky Ladybugs

    Our allies in the garden  When you find a ladybug, Do you make a wish? Ladybugs are lucky for us – and our gardens too. Ladybugs …


  3. What makes us happy?

    And how can we make ourselves happier… Is buying the latest iPhone or super-sized house going to make us happier? What do you think, and why? …


  4. The Salty Seduction of Supermarket Snacks

    How size & spacing of snack foods influences our shopping experience Walking into a supermarket, it seems impossible to avoid the onslaught of sugary, salty and …