• Melissa Yoon

    I'm Melissa, a Master of Environment student and I'm passionate about tackling climate change!

  1. Time flies when you’re having fun (and can stretch out when you’re stressed)

    I handed in my last uni assignment at 4:57 when it was due at 5pm. I felt super stressed out and those last few minutes right …


  2. Why whale poo is awesome

    You might not think about whale poo very often, but it’s actually pretty awesome stuff, as it’s vital for keeping ecosystems healthy. (Image by Amanda Kae’s …


  3. Want To Remember Something Better? Put It In A Song

    My friend Emily can’t speak Russian to save her life; yet the other day she perfectly recited a Russian lullaby I spent 5 minutes teaching her …


  4. Your morning coffee and your favourite chocolate are now under threat from climate change

    We tend to think mainly about the big picture impacts that climate change will have on us, like hurricanes, droughts and sea level rise. While these …