• Napin Karnchanachari

    3rd year Bachelors of Science student, majoring in Genetics and a diploma in Japanese. Originally from Thailand but moved to Perth back in 2009 and moved to Melbourne in 2016.

  1. Could you be the next Usain Bolt?

      Image by Jonathan Chng via Unsplash   A poor athlete sits on the curb muttering under his breath, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t …


  2. The Bloody Diet

       Image by Mohamed Hassan via Pixabay   “A bloody diet”, my mum mumbled and my head snapped up to stare at her, mouth gaping open. …


  3. There’s two of me in one body

    Photo by  Brad Lloyd via Unsplash   It was a serene night and I was sitting in bed talking to my parents on the phone. I …


  4. My Acid Addiction

    Photo by wonderferret via Flickr I have an acid addiction but so do you, we all do. Before you freak out, I don’t mean that acid, …