• Novitasari Ateng

    A biotechnology student with a background in microbiology, and strong interest in science communication. My writing might relate with the events that have been happening in daily life. And also some influence from pop culture as well.

  1. The Time for Panda Diplomacy

    I have to admit that I love going to the zoo. I must visit every zoo in the countries that I have visited, and seeing giant …


  2. Colour Perception: Much More Than Just 50 Shades

    I bet we all remember the great dress debacle on the internet two years ago? You know when you cannot decide if this dress is blue …


  3. Being a ginger: is it worth it?

    Redhead, ginger, carrot, or ranga, whatever you want to call them but the mystery behind red hair had been solved. In 1997, scientists discovered gene, called …


  4. That no so pesky little thing called PMS

    It is that time of the month. It was the excuse I told my boyfriend when I changed my mind from having sausage roll into fried …