• Aisyah

    Hi! I'm a second-year undergraduate student who has a vague idea of what's going on. Also, you look good today. Did you do something to your hair?

  1. Strange Platefellows

    Last night, as I scrolled through my favourite (very science-y!) food website in a haze of hunger and procrastination, I came across a recipe for chicken …


  2. It’s a Piece of Cake—No, Not Like That

    The scene: Victorian-era Britain. The time: Christmas, 1906. The man: Sir Francis Galton—a Victorian-era meteorologist, statistician, explorer, and polymath in general (much like his half-cousin, a certain …


  3. ♪ Do you remember? ♪

    What’s your earliest memory? Does it make you smile as you recall that snapshot of your childhood? Do you recount it to your friends ad infinitum …