• Oakley Germech

    I'm Oakley, and I really love birds! But I love science communication almost as much. I promise.

  1. Brain-eating blobs from Hell

    It’s a sweltering summer’s day in outback Australia. Sweat rolls off your forehead in glistening beads, stinging your eyes and salting your tongue. The country radio …


  2. A hole lotta trouble: obliterating our ozone layer

    With over 15,000 new cases reported each year, Australia and New Zealand share the dubious honour of being the world’s skin cancer capitals. Ask someone¬†why, and …


  3. Tough ruffs and sneaky sex

    ‘Love is between a man and a woman’ – a belief that seems to divide every modern society. But while humans wage wars over sexuality, the …


  4. New Caledonia: plant paradise of the Pacific

    The Pacific Ocean might be mostly water, but over twenty-seven¬†thousand islands are dotted across its shimmering surface. On each speck of sand and stone, life has …