• Neha Patil
  1. Are your french fries giving you cancer?

    We love our french fries Source: wikimedia commons When I first arrived to Australia, I noticed that people here eat French fries with almost everything. Don’t …


  2. How tiny is tiny?

    Sputnik and its mama Source: science magazine “So, naturalists observe, a flea
 hath smaller fleas that on him prey; 
and these have smaller still to bite …


  3. The lovely art of winemaking

    Source: Wikimedia commons I have been pondering all this sunny and bright day as what I should blog about. And the topic just came my way. …


  4. Not so pretty in heels

    Not so pretty in high heels Courtesy: funny-pictures-blog.com A study was published in the Journal of  Experimental Biology that was done on a group 80 women …


  5. Virus installed

    Courtesy: topnews.in If we reminisce the security breaches of computer systems in the past decade, you will realize that they happen in the blink of an …


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