• trishfishkoh

    Hi! I'm a first year Master of Science (Biosciences) who is working on sea urchins and kelp forests in Port Phillip Bay. I like trying to understand how animals interact with each other and the environment. I also have a side hobby of being fascinated/terrified of space!

  1. Let’s Go to the Beach Each

    (I hope you guys remember Nicki Minaj…) Image Credit: Justin Jovellanos via Flickr Last Friday, I attempted to find some sea urchins for my research project. …


  2. Out of this World – Finding Exoplanets

    I discuss this topic on a radio program called Einstein A Go-Go. If you prefer an audio format of this article, please see the bottom of …


  3. Ice Ice Baby Volcano

    Ahuna Mons on the surface of Ceres. Credit: NASA I’m terrified of volcanoes. They possess such almighty power and are completely capable of devastating human lives and …


  4. Dark Matter and Energy: Not Seeing is Believing

    Our universe is vast and full of complexities and we are yet to completely comprehend it. Scientists try to learn about and understand these complexities by …