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  1. Discovery of a New Primate in Madagascar!

    After visiting my younger cousins and listening to incessant quotes from the new Madagascar movie, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, I couldn’t get it off my …


  2. Ever Wanted To Know the Radius of a Black Hole??

    Well now you can- for the first time an international team has measured the radius of a black hole in a distant galaxy! Black holes can …


  3. Naked Mole Rats: the Answer to Pain Relief??

    A recent study undertaken by LaVinka and Park (2012) has suggested they could be! The solution to pain? Licensed under Wikimedia Commons Naked mole rats are able to …


  4. It’s true: Men and Women Do See Things Differently!

    Well at least when it comes to colour differentiation. A recent study undertaken by Abramov et al. (2012) has determined that men require a slightly longer …


  5. The Cruelty Behind Rodeos!!

    Rodeos have been receiving some unwanted attention recently by numerous welfare groups including Animals Australia. So I thought I would post some information on the ‘sport’ …


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