• Pooja Venkat

    Hi, I am a Bioinformatician in the making. Interested in anything and everything from music, sketching to reading about the latest science inventions.

  1. Genetics, politics and murders. Who ever thought such a day would come?

    Have you been following the American politics lately? Ever heard about the senator Elizabeth Warren? Wait! Wasn’t this supposed to be about science? How is American …


  2. Clock’s within going “tick…. tock…”

    Now that the day light savings have started, and you are accustomed to the routine of waking up at 8 in the morning previously. Getting up …


  3. Feeling something familiar? Might be a Déjà vu.

    Imagine you being in a certain place having a conversation with a person physically or over the phone, when a sudden feeling comes across that you …


  4. Printed organs anyone? Regenerative Medicine in reality

    While scrolling down feeds in Facebook, did anything related to pigs, labs or organs show up on your news feeds? It did show up on mine …