• Stephanie Choo

    Investigating important matters of the heart...the physiological problems. Master of Biomedical Science student. Basically investigating why fatty hearts beat out of sync and why that's extremely dangerous.

  1. So Stressed that I’m Eating the House Down!

    It’s research report season. A significant amount of junk food has conveniently ‘disappeared’ lately. This is highly correlated with stress in honours and masters students. ‘Hmm…I …


  2. Stressed Inside and Out

    Stress has affected us at some point in our lives. Whether it’s burning the midnight oil cramming for an exam, really tight assessment deadlines or dealing …


  3. Inaction Against Climate Change

    Climate change is happening now. Yes, now. Global warming is increasing and it’s already affecting the world. Severe heatwaves have sparked wildfires in Greece and California. The …


  4. Cheers Mate! Alcohol in the Social Game

    Alcohol seems to be in nearly every social event; but why? My labmates and I have often spent Friday nights at the local pub. As biomedical …