• smcarthur
  1. Real life Halloween Story: Sleepy Sickness – The Forgotten Plague

    Forget the Russian Sleep Experiment (here for Sci-Fi fans), welcome to a literal, living nightmare.   Image Source: ‘The Russian Sleep Experiment’ – Skeptoid, URL: http://skeptoid.com/blog/2014/05/06/the-russian-sleep-experiment/ Prepare …


  2. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!… lol jks, the misconceptions surrounding the Ebola Epidemic

    Myth 1: No, you will not rise from the dead This one really made my skin crawl. Around two weeks ago now the internet went into …


  3. You and me baby ‘aint nothing but mammals

    It’s tempting to think of love as something magical, inexplicable, from the heart. Truth is, our bodies are pre-programmed to get biochemically drugged up when we …