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  1. Handshake and the First Impression

    It is believed that people had practiced handshake since the 5th century BC. The ancient Greek practiced handshake as a sign of peace where no weapon …


  2. Milk Allergy, Anyone?

    Do you drink milk? If you don’t, is it because you don’t like it? Or is it that you can’t drink it due to your milk …


  3. Don’t YAWN when you are reading this! Seriously, no YAWNING!

    Yes, we all know that yawning is contagious! You can yawn just because you see someone yawns or read the word ‘yawn.’ This ‘contagion yawning’ proved …


  4. Beware Knuckle Crackers!

    Are you one of those knuckle crackers who crack your knuckle basically anywhere anytime? Or are you one of those who can’t stand that cracking sound? …


  5. Chewing gum allows you to be smarter?

    Are you often finding yourself chewing gum? Are you in love with gum? Or is that it helps calm you down before that seven minutes speech …


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