• Sam Widodo

    Dealing with brain cancer and immune cells (almost) everyday. Trying to figure out how they communicate to each other.

  1. Keep this in mind: cancer cells are smart!

    We know that cancer cells are actually normal cells which undergo horrific mutation. The mutation then completely changes how the cells behave. They become bad, they …


  2. How to educate your immune cells 101

    When we hear the word ‘education’, we might think about going to school, learning new stuffs and skills, maybe science, or any subjects we like or …


  3. When the immune system is exhausted

    Imagine how exhausted we are after finishing a 10k run. We might want to cool down a bit to recover before doing any physical activities again. …


  4. The Blood-Brain Barrier: To breach or not to breach

    Our brain is unquestionably special compared to other animals. As what our classmate, Henry Duffield, excellently wrote on his blog, we are blessed with a big …