• Syafiqah Zulkefli

    Hey there! I'm a MSc(Epi) student at the Center for Health Equity. I'm currently looking at travel behaviours and the built environment with a focus on public transport. Get those feet moving!

  1. The Bloop: It came from the deep

    In 1997, listening stations across the Pacific picked up an extremely loud and strange sound. They named it the Bloop. What the sound looked like in …


  2. Finagling My Brain into Eating Capsicum

    All these capsicums, and I don’t enjoy a single one. Photo by Nikodem Nijaki Fun Fact: I really don’t like capsicum Fun Fact #2: Scientists think …


  3. Orphan or Star? Identity Crisis of a Floating Space Mass

    A depiction of the orphan planet CFBDSIR2149-0403 by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) Orphan planets are one of the most fascinating things about space I can …


  4. Gaming: The Successful Hypnotist

    Have you ever heard of that conspiracy theory where the government is hypnotising our youth through games? Well it turns out that there may be some …