• Sophia To

    Hey there! I'm a 3rd year immunology major with an interest in infectious disease. Fun facts about me: I'm a huge fan of Countdown, Meredith Dairy goat cheese and capybaras.

  1. Community is the best medicine

    It may become one of the most innovative medical interventions in recent history. It could save lives and save healthcare systems trillions of dollars. It will …


  2. Immaculate Conception in Nature

    “The Birds and the Bees”. We all know it as a euphemism for baby-making between members of the opposite sex. But, did you know that both …


  3. How the death of one woman became the birth of modern medicine as we know it: a cautionary tale

    The discovery that human papillomavirus caused cervical cancer led to the development of an anti-cancer vaccine. The discovery of telomerase, an enzyme that prevents the deterioration …