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  1. Bringing Science to life through Animations

    Recently, I had the privilege of visiting the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research to meet up with a Ph.D. student to talk about …


  2. Taq polymerase: The ultimate copying machine

    Many scientists out there would be familiar with PCR, polymerase chain reaction, a technique which allows amplification of short segments of DNA. This invention has been …


  3. Tropical Delights

    This week I want to share with you a modern-day success story of Biotechnology in Practice. It is a story of the Hawaiian papaya. Now the …


  4. Not all Sunglasses are made Equal

    On the weekend I decided to by a pair of sunglasses for my boyfriend. So, I was on the hunt and searching the stores in my …


  5. DNA origami

    Traditional origami is an art form that many of us have tried to tackle and conquer. I remember when I made my first colourful paper crane, …


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