• Holly Whitfield

    Bioinformatician in training. Marrying the worlds of biology, mathematics and computer science through the use of big data.

  1. Science Communication – A survey

    If you have clicked onto this blog, the odds are that you probably acknowledge the importance and value of science. But stop to consider that this value can …


  2. Science Communication – Storytelling with Data

    We have become a data-driven society. Companies use graphs to communicate their performance, organisations show the effects of climate change using eye-opening visualisations, and the media …


  3. Hi, my name is Holly, and I used to be addicted to video games

    I am reformed now – BUT – I am pretty sure I used to classify for video game addiction. I spent WAY too much of my …


  4. Mail-order organs: Delivery time? Probably another few decades

    For people in the first half of their lives, I doubt you’ve given much thought to the strength of your bones? or the health of your …


  5. How Spotify Already Knows Your Next Favourite Song

    So I was on the train this morning, listening to my “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify. I was sitting there being blown away by it’s crazy …


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