• xinqi

    I am curious student collecting seashells by the sea, hoping to share every new finding with you which excited me. My major is about cell signaling, but I would like to tell you stories more than just cells.

  1. Living like a vampire, is that possible?

    Recently, I enjoyed watching the TV series named A Discovery of Witches, and beside this one, I have heard many stories about vampires. Although we know …


  2. Cure the cancer by our own immunizing power

    The 2018 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to researchers (Tasuku Honjo and James Allison) who made breakthrough that help our body fight against cancer. Unlike …


  3. Should we drink coffee?

    Melbourne has the world-renowned coffee culture which made me get into the habit of having a cup of coffee before classes or lab work. However, before …


  4. Red, blue and green blood, why different?

    Do you know the color of my blood? Well, you would definitely say red as I’m not a green hulk, and that’s correct. But what if …