• Yumin Zhao
  1. The Era of Wearable Computers

    Video Link [Google Project Glass: One day…]: http://youtu.be/9c6W4CCU9M4 In April 2012, Google developed a new augmented reality (AR) glasses-“Google Glass”. It has the functions of intelligent …


  2. 3D Printer: Print Your Own Pets

    2D printing is known well by us. When we need print a document, just click the “print” key on the computer scene, then the digital document …


  3. Don’t Believe Your Eyes!

    Video Links: Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes! (1/2): watch?v=YPlB20a0CQw Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes! (2/2): watch?v=VkEcD9AFLRs Visual perception is “the ability to interpret the surrounding environment …


  4. Melody behind Phone Numbers

    Have you ever found that the dialing sound of each number is different when you make a call? At the beginning of last month (September, 2012), …


  5. Using Twitter Message to Feed Your Pet

    Do you keep a pet? Have you ever worry that have no time to feed pets? A Welsh IT consultant, Nat Morris invented a high-tech device …


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