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  1. Indestructible bear

    Imagine being in sub-zero temperature, under intense radiation, without oxygen, without water and in vacuum. The extremely low pressure will cause the water in your body …


  2. Nanopatch – No needles no pain

    Vaccination will soon to be revolutionised, all thanks of the ground-breaking invention of the Nanopatch.  Nanopatch has been developed by Professor Mark Kendall and his colleague from …


  3. Exploding Lakes

    Lake Kivu, Lake Monoun, and Lake Nyos might sound just like any other ordinary lakes but they are actually three of the most dangerous lakes in …


  4. Bugs for bugs

    Have you heard of integrated pest management, also known as IPM? IPM is becoming a trend in agricultural industries. It is a system where both biological …


  5. What do you know about MOOBS!?

    I saw a couple interesting comments on moobs (man boobs) on mX the other day (6th August, Talk) . They made me think of what was said …


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