Getting your site noticed

Search engines are smart, and we all use Google because it’s one of the smartest. However, even Google can’t give useful results if the content supplied to it is not properly presented. Now that we’ve improved our Google search tool, site owners will probably want to see their sites perform better.

The investment in improving your site for search engines is paid back two fold, because as well as improving the visibility of your site for internal searches, it will also improve in public searches via

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a bit of a loaded term. In the past, SEO techniques have been abused to bring sites to the top of results for search terms that may not have been related to their content. These days, however, the search engines continually evolve their ranking engine to nullify the effect of false techniques, and reward sites that return relevant results to users. Google never disclose exactly how all this works, but they do provide some excellent documentation for web site owners that, if followed, will help make a site more visible in Google.

The main points are simple, just ensure that your:

  • Site is logically structured
  • Pages are Accessible, with headings that relate properly to the content and logical, semantically structured information.
  • Pages have unique, logical titles and well written description meta tags
  • Ensure your URLs are easily understood

If you just do these things, Google, and other search engines should love your site. There’s more that you can do, and if you really want to get tricky, make sure you read more of Google’s documentation, but just these things will cover the 80/20 rule and should see your site ranking well in the results.

Worth noting that changes may take some weeks to be reflected in the Google index, but if you think your site is having problems, then there are a few options for requesting assistance.