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    Designer by trade, supporting WordPress for the University.

  1. It’s the little thingsā€¦ like thumbnails!

    A while ago I wrote about this topic, adding thumbnails to your listings in search results, not sure if anyone made any updates based on it, …


  2. Oops, you weren’t meant to see that!

    It happens from time to time, things change, someone forgets to place the correct permissions on a page, doesn’t really matter how it happens, the problem is the same. Google is showing results that you don’t want shown. How do you stop it?


  3. Promoted Results

    Our upgraded search tool allows us to configure Promoted Results. Google uses Promoted Results for advertising, however, in our case, they’re the results that we believe are most appropriate to the keywords the user has typed.


  4. Synonyms in search

    Synonyms are a feature of Google Search that we’re not expecting using a great deal, but worth discussing so that people are aware of the pros …


  5. Provide meaningful results

    Users search for a variety of reasons, but site owners can help them by providing relevant, quality information in the results.


  6. Rich Snippets give you Star Power

    Bacon is wonderful, isn’t it? And Bacon Roses are even more wonderful, right? And if you were to search for bacon roses in google, and you …


  7. Thumbnails on search results

    Anyone who’s used Google will have noticed the little thumbnail images in the search results. Not all results have them, and even those that do sometimes …


  8. Robots, keep out!

    Search engines use software ‘robots’ to examine pages, and follow links. These tools are designed to discover stuff, and they’re very good at it! If you …


  9. Auto Completions

    One great feature we’ve enabled in the relaunched search engine is Auto Completion. Auto Completion is triggered as soon as you start typing in the search …


  10. Getting your site noticed

    Search engines are smart, and we all use Google because it’s one of the smartest. However, even Google can’t give useful results if the content supplied …


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