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The Tale of the Vacuum Cleaner, the Scorpion and the Scared Second Year (Aimee)

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9 am.

I’m seated in the MSD, watching my new lecturer have an argument with the projector. (Bet you anything, she’s a PC user!) To be utterly and completely honest… I’m sweating like a pig in a sauna!!

It may seem small, insignificant, a trifle… but the truth is, this moment is big, epoch-making, a whopper! In fact, it’s such a big deal that my hands are like Roger Federer’s after winning the Australian Open – and I haven’t even touched a tennis racket! Today is my first day of second year uni. It’s a big change… and I’m not sure I’m ready!

Of course, 2017 has already served up many changes. I’ve changed share-houses, been overseas for the first time and qualified as an ABA therapist. Still, it occurs to me that, this year, I could make the mother of all stuff-ups and the excuse, “Sorry, I’m just a poor helpless first year!” will no longer cut it. The idea is so terrifying that my sunglasses slip through my sweaty fingers and land squarely on my neighbour’s toe. She picks them up and hands them to me. Her smile seems plastered-on. This is the third inanimate object I’ve dropped on her foot since we sat down!

Even so, I think to myself, no change (however massive!) could be as scary as my sleep-over in the ancient Italian castle…

Said sleep-over happened in December. I was in Italy, with some Italians (how ironic!), Italian students and my two kooky Italian professors, doing a summer intensive. We’d arranged to spend the night in a medieval castle. Long ago, a noblewoman jumped out of a window there to escape a loveless arranged marriage. It’s said she still haunts the grounds. So far, the only supernatural encounter we’d had involved my nutty language professor, running around the castle with a table-cloth on his head, shouting ‘WOOOOO!’

That night though, our bedroom in the uppermost tower was invaded… by a blood-chilling, six-legged scorpion with pincers!!

At the sight of the intruder on our bedroom wall, all the girls screamed and ran to get help. Unfortunately, our professor was exhausted from all the castle-haunting and would not wake up! So, Jen (a third year) grabbed a vacuum cleaner from the closet and prepared for battle! Meanwhile, Tessa (from my class), jumped onto her creaky bed, i-Phone in hand. She wanted to film what she knew would be the last remaining minutes of our lives…! Everyone tensed. Jen switched on the vacuum and valiantly aimed for the beast. Her arm wavered with fear.

Suddenly – BANG!!! The bed broke. Tessa and her phone landed belly-up on the floor. Everyone, despite fearing for their lives, laughed. Jen tried again. She raised the nozzle, but the monster, clinging to life, started scuttling away! The moment was marked by screaming of over 150 decibels and then… the scorpion disappeared into the vacuum cleaner’s dusty depths!

Italian students cried, laughed and hugged each other. Then someone asked, “But where’s Aimee?”

I was still in bed. I’d slept through the whole thing.

Thinking back on the incident makes me smile. It had been a fear-filled experience, but with a little courage and a lot of bravado, we’d come through. Suddenly, I know that, in spite of my sweaty hands, second year uni will be the same!

Change is never easy. Sometimes, it’s as appealing as spending the night with an uninvited scorpion. Sometimes though, you just have to plunge in, armed with your vacuum cleaner, tennis racket or other weapon of choice, and get on with it. Chances are, you’ll live to tell the tale.

Welcome to Year 2 of my blog, my reader friends – this year’s shaping up to be just as funny, hair-raising and life-affirming as the last!


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Done… in more ways than one! (Bella’s last post)

Hello readers!

Not only am I done with second year, but this will be my last post on Back for Seconds.
Thank you so much for keeping up with my uni adventures this past year; and a special thank you to those who have been reading since I began writing on the first year blog! If only there was a ‘Third Time Lucky’ blog for third year, hahaha. I will definitely be keeping up with the first and second year blogs – make sure you check out the first year blog if you haven’t already, as there was a great team of writers this year.

I thought I would take the time to reflect on my uni journey so far – it’s safe to say that while I am excited for my career, I don’t want to leave uni any time soon – it’s way too much fun! It felt great this year not getting lost (unlike last year, when I spent the first 15 minutes of a French class trying to navigate through the John Medley building – with construction going on too!). I have enjoyed writing and sub-editing on another blog too – ‘Unimelb Adventures’ – you can keep up with me (and Nicole!) over there, now that we have sadly finished with Academic Skills. That blog is not organised through the uni, it is independent – but we love helping out our fellow students with uni tips and tricks. I’ve also written some pieces for the student magazine Farrago, and had a lot of fun volunteering in UMSU programs such as Destination Melbourne and VCE Summer School, and with the Melbourne Arts Students’ Society General Committee. I’ve been a part of the Student Advisory Group, Student Representative Network and the Library Committee for the Faculty of Arts. I’ve really enjoyed my studies as well; now that the psych majors are in second year, we complete two subjects per semester instead of one – it means we can explore different areas in more detail, such as cognition and development.

I am really looking forward to third year. I’ve already picked my subjects, and will be applying for a Diploma in French! I’m pretty set on a career in communications and marketing – so I’ve picked some related subjects. I’m super excited for those in particular.

Now it’s holiday time! I’ve done a lot of online shopping so far – oops (actually, when writing an essay in first year, I’d just finished some online shopping and I accidentally wrote ‘Missguided’ – my favourite online store’s name – instead of ‘misguided’! Hahaha). I have some projects to do: I’ve joined the gym, I will be practising my French (as you may remember, I couldn’t take French this semester as I was doing just three classes), and cleaning out all those textbooks/papers/highlighters on my floor from exams… there’s quite a pile. I am looking forward to preparing for Christmas and summer! It will be so good to catch up with my uni friends too!

I wanted to finish this post by thanking two very important people. Firstly, thanks to Nicole for being a fantastic blogging partner since first year! I’m so happy we have formed a friendship through our blogging and I love when I see you on the train to uni. Secondly, to Ariana. For those who don’t know, she organises the First and Second Year Academic Skills blogs. Not only could we not have done it without her, but she has been so supportive and inspiring! Thank you, Ariana, for this opportunity and for your encouraging words.

Well, that’s it from me. I wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. Thank you for reading my last post. I can’t wait to hear what the Back for Seconds bloggers get up to next year!

Signing off,

Bella 🙂

So Long, Farewell

Last week, brings an end to my second year journey, and also this lovely blog community, ‘Back For Seconds’. It has been a crazy year indeed, but it was so worth it. If I can summarise my second year life, it was a rollercoaster, yet again, both emotional, and physically.

I can strongly remember how much I wanted to give up in the first semester, because of my left wrist recovering from surgery. But I kept at it, with keeping faith and hope ahead, and of course, leaning on support from my loving mother. I remember having to go through a loss during the first semester, but healed eventually, as time goes on. It was a hard first semester of second year, but the experience and lessons I had learnt was worth it.

Second semester came along, and boy, I was anxious and nervous about recital preparation. Anticipation can be a blessing and a curse as a music student, but it depends whether you’d use it for good, or for the worse. There has been times when I was super worried, stressed, or wanting to break down. But it settles down when there’s always support in hand from your friends, and loved ones. A hug, and speaking out always counts to recovery.

Second year has been a challenging journey. It is slightly different from first year, indeed. It feels like I’m going up the pyramid ladder each year in my undergraduate degree. First year problems, correlates into second year, but you have new challenges that you can possibly solve, and you can think more logically than first year. That’s pretty much it.

Through my final exam of second year, which was my recital exam, shows how much I have improve tremendously as a performer. Today, I’m mostly looking back how much I have enjoyed my performance, the positive things that I did, my journey of achievements, improvements, and historical knowledge that I had learnt. This is always important to look back on the positive things, rather than mostly the negative things such as mistakes, stumbles and such. It’s always important as a music student to look for these things in a positive way.

I still have dreams of becoming a music therapist, but I think I have changed my mind a little bit. I’m going to be more open minded, and experience other pathways in the music industry. I’m planning definitely working with a community orchestra to work on my ensemble skills, accompanying for fun in concert class, maybe do some arts administrating in the summer, or teaching even! Seeing how much knowledge I had learnt through our MCM’s career advisor and its program, ignite lab, as open up my mind entirely, about how to be more involved in the music industry. Hearing stories from other musicians in a certain pathway is so knowledgable, and so inspiring. I would highly recommend for all types of music students to be coming to these events! Plus, free food when doing connections too! Double bonus!

If I have any advice to give to second years of 2017, I would be saying, this will be a great opportunity to be developing knowledge about career pathways in the music industry. This would be going to career development seminars, developing connections by going to career events (ignite lab), and talking to more music students around MCM/VCA whenever you get the chance to. It’s also a year that some things change again, but not too drastically. So, if something happens, make the right decision and choice based on your past experiences in life as a music student. Be smart, wise and nice to others. Being a music student is being a part of a huge loving family, please don’t forget about that.

Before I make my final farewell, I would like to say a huge thank you to the director of this blog community, Ariana. You have opened me up to loving blogging, welcoming my journey into both blog communities, First_Year@UniMelb, and Back For Seconds. I secretly hope there’s another series for third years. I’m hoping it would be called, Three is the Magic Number. Get it? Haha! I hope the readers understand the reference. It’s from the phone company that it used to exist called 3, or Telstra that used to have that slogan? They have that catch phrase at the end of the ads saying, “Three is the magic number.” Boy, I don’t think kids nowadays understand whenever I say three is the magic number during when I teach swimming. Ah well. Any ways, I also would like to thank my blog partner, Bella! Great girl to work with, especially when we’re also involved in UniMelb Adventures! And finally, the readers! From what I have heard from Ariana, I’m so thankful and privilege to be sharing my thoughts as a music student, and my journey so far as a undergraduate student! Thank you readers for reading through all my blog posts for the past two years! Wow! Two years! Apologies that I couldn’t write as much, comparing to first year. Second year was a very busy year, and there was a lot that happen this year such as new curriculum changes, the shift between two versions of Bachelor degrees, recovering from my wrist surgery, and so on. But, I’m more than surprised that I managed to survive second year. Another new year’s resolution being ticked off. Yes, that was one of my new year’s resolution, surviving second year. Maybe that could be your new year’s resolution, second years of 2017! Haha!

Thank you ever so much for giving me this opportunity! Have a good summer break!


The End is Thy Near

No time, no see readers! I have been super duper busy lately. Mainly, the workload has been off the charts after the sixth week of semester two. It has been crazy. Today, all of my assessments are FINISHED. DONE! I’m really happy. Now, I just need to focus on my recital exam, which is coming up next week.

This week has been a bit of a mess. Knowing that two essays were due in the same week in advanced has taken its toll, and I have done it again; doing my essays last minute… once again. I personally am thinking, “When am I going to break the circle of last minute essay assessments?” It’s second year, and I still yet, don’t have the motivation to do essay early. *sigh* Next year, I’ll have to be better in doing my essays early, because third year is when it all counts!

I also have arm and thumb injury in both left and right arms, and thumbs for the past two weeks. It has been getting better, but wishing it wouldn’t happen this time of year. I am a bit frustrated with myself that a muscle strain has happened! This happened over driving, when I was gripping my steering wheel so hard, while driving on Beach Rd in heavy, pouring rain. Yeap. Not a super great feeling. Oh well. At least I’m taking precautions now, since I’m getting closer to my recital exam.

I’m really super duper excited to be finishing second year. Lots of things has happened. Good, bad and the ugly, but that is life as a music student. Crappy things happen, you evaluate, reflect and try to focus ahead. Good things happen, you take on board on what went really well.

Again, exciting things has happened over the semester. I got elected as a second and third year representative for MSS (Music Students’ Society), which is great! Though, I wanted to go for Vice President this year, but unfortunately I couldn’t get the role. I feel okay about it. I guess it’s fate that I’m second and third year representative, because I think I’ll do best for that role next year. I have ideas for this cohort to make it better. So, 2017 will be another exciting year indeed.

I’m also going back into Netball this upcoming season! I’m actually excited. Though, I wish I can do rowing, but seeing the blisters of a rower, is making me say, “NO!” from my instincts as a pianist. Too chicken to see my beautiful hands become a heck lot of blisters from rowing. I’ll eventually have ultimate guts to become a rower. Hahaha.

Any ways, I hope everything is going well! The end is near!


Busy Bee (Bella)

Hi readers!
Sorry for the long time, and no see (or, should I say, read)! I’ve been really busy with my internship and classes, and am excited to share with you all what I’ve been up to.

This semester, I’m taking my two required Psychology subjects, Cognitive Psychology and Personality and Social Psychology. We got to learn about lineups in the criminal justice system for our Cognitive Psychology report, which was super cool! I can’t believe that next year, it’s already time to take capstone subjects. Where did the time go!?… Although, I will be doing a four year degree as I intend to apply for a Diploma in French! Yay for more uni, I just love the campus life, volunteering and getting coffee every day. Mmm, coffee….

My other subject this semester is my dance breadth at the VCA campus. I love going there – dancing has always been a hobby of mine. Even though I’m not really built to be a dancer, I love being on stage and having fun with it!

Why only three subjects, you ask? Well, for those who have been keeping updated (thank you! :)) – I just finished an internship in consulting! I had the best time. I really recommend internships to everyone, as it is a great way to get some experience during your undergrad to help make the choice for the workforce/postgrad. I was hoping to venture into postgrad at the Melbourne Business School, and my experience has made me sure of my decision.

Another exciting thing that happened this semester: I was a finalist in the M-ASS (Melbourne Arts Students’ Society) Writing Competition! I was a bit nervous about entering my piece, but I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’ and was so excited to be chosen as one of the ten finalists out of 100 amazing entries. Thanks, M-ASS 🙂

I can’t believe we’ve only got two weeks left of semester (and I still have to do a debate, presentation, essay and performance – yikes!). AS IF I’ve been at uni for two years already… as they say, time flies when you’re having fun! I’m looking forward to finishing my exams and enjoying holidayyyyys!

Both of my exams are at 8:30am this semester. While it is hard getting up early sometimes (I live really far out from the city) I feel like I work best in the morning, and then I get the whole day afterwards to study for the next exam (read: shop and get coffee). Also, I don’t have too much time to get nervous because I’m still waking up, haha. What is your exam timetable like?

Talk soon!

Bella 🙂



Where Did All The Time Go?

Tomorrow will be the beginning of week 8, and it seems like time has gone fast like always every semester. I like it when time goes by fast, but at the same time it is a bit of a worrying when exams will be coming up the next. There are a few things that I always remind myself when time will be or is going fast:

One, is to live in the moment. Sometimes, we take things for granted on what we have access as tertiary students. Of course, it can be stressful when we have our moments, but when there are good moments, always cherish it and look back at it.

Two, trying to fulfil the best version of myself when it comes to being a full-time music student. This comes down to working hard, and committing to uni as much as I can. Having that constant reminder of your goals, and what you’d like to achieve during the semester is a part of it. Sometimes, there will be times when I don’t know if I am living the best version of myself, according to my progress in my recital preparation, or how my assessments go, ect. But how will I know when I achieve the best version of myself? I think it is when I constantly try to work hard, have fun in whatever I am doing, having a good balance of being living whatever age I am, while being a tertiary student at the same time.

Three, live out your life. It’s not an every day thing to be experiencing life as an undergraduate student. One day, it will be all finished, and I would be questioning myself, “Have I lived out my life as an undergraduate student?” The answer would be revealed when I have many great memories of just being in my 18s to 21s whenever looking back, as I would be expecting. So, always have time to be a part of the community, to be going to events that you may not be experiencing ever again after uni, or be taking advantage of what the uni offers to all students.

Four, cherish everything we are experiencing. Sometimes, we may forget it is a gift and a privilege to be a music student. To be studying at a tertiary level is beyond amazing. I think people should be patting themselves on the back, because it is not easy gaining a spot into a music degree, or studying as a music student. Even though we may be super busy, always take the time and just hit that pause button and see the world differently, or feel the music when practising. Whenever practising, always take the time to hear all the melodies, harmonies, the colour, texture, everything.

This can be related to many of you all, no matter what degree you’re studying. So, remember guys, make the best out of uni as best as you can! Good luck for the rest of this semester!



Taking A Breather

Sometimes, taking a sleep in is the best idea for a short break. During the past six weeks, it has been very hectic. I was a part of open day, auditioned for AYO (Australian Youth Orchestra), performed in two gigs  in MYS (Melbourne Youth Strings) and PGYO (Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra), auditioned for piano duo and duet (which I unfortunately didn’t get in), pass my hazards, and recently taken another shift at work. Whenever I look back at those six weeks, it feels like a blur pretty much. I think it is because I tend to just focus on what I have on today, and take it one step at a time. Part of myself always be thinking, “Am I still alive?” with my hectic schedule, or I unconsciously think, “Just GO GO GO!”.

Sometimes, taking a break is a hard decision to make for myself, because I keep myself going. I tend not to realise it until my other half says, “GIRLL, YOU NEEDA BREAK. WAKEE UP!” *slaps my face theoretically* I do agree with my other self when analysing and reflecting how hectic and tiring those weeks has been. Haha.

Here some of the things I usually take a breather:

  • Cuddling with my cat
  • Watch an episode or movie
  • Not thinking about any thing
  • Focusing in the moment
  • Listening to music
  • Working out
  • Catching up with friends

Whenever I have a busy schedule at uni, I love going to system gardens and have lunch. It’s peaceful, not many people hanging out, and it’s one pretty garden to hang around. I rarely go into union house nowadays, because it’s very crowded, or past the south area of the uni unless if I needed to for classes. It may look like I’m isolating myself from the general university community, but not really towards MCM community, since it’s always down at the south side. It has been a realisation since the start of the year, but I came to accept it any ways.

To summarise my thoughts in this blog post, taking a breather is like, for me, taking a break for my brain. I do take a break once in a while, and I listen to myself more often nowadays. Once in a while is a great thing to do; sleeping in, having a different breakfast routine, and a different schedule. It’s a very nice feeling to take a break, and I cherish it very much when I do. If you have a hectic schedule, no sleep in break whatsoever, do take it once in a while. It feels so satisfying!

And yes, I’m taking my day off today. 🙂

Wednesdays, I have a day off, but I still go to uni. I start my day 8 to practise till 11am, then watch my Music and Health lecture from 11am till about 12:30pm at Lenton Parr library, have lunch at uni, go off for a swim before work, which ends my day at 7:15pm. If I choose to have a “day off” which is staying at home, I sleep in, and study at home, with no practising, or going out with friends with absolutely no studying or practising. Wednesdays are usually a good day to have a breather, if I really need to, since I have work later on. 


Open Day! (Bella)

I still remember my visit to The University of Melbourne Open Day in 2014 – a year 12 student very excited at the prospect of attending such a prestigious university, with a welcoming vibe and so many subjects to take I was interested in. I was actually really hoping I would get in, as instead of sampling the Open Days at different unis, I liked Melbourne so much I actually just went to Unimelb twice…

I was a bit too late with my application in first year to volunteer, but this year I kept my eyes peeled and filled out that form faster than you could say ‘open day’! I was really honoured to be chosen as a Social Media volunteer. We told visitors about our GIFBooth and ‘win a Barry the Bear’ competition, as well as hand out jellybeans (blue and white ones, of course). It was lovely to meet the other volunteers and also prospective students.

Looking back on my experience – life at uni is all I hoped for and more! I’ve been to balls, camps, volunteered, and of course, learnt so much! And, I’ve done all my readings (just kidding!). My favourite thing is definitely the amazing cohort of students – literally everyone has a friendly face and welcoming nature.

I hope that all students, staff, and most importantly the prospective students and their families enjoyed Open Day. There was a bit of rain, but that couldn’t dampen the spirit!

Happy studying – I can’t believe it’s Week 5. Hopefully there aren’t any typos in this post, my eyes aren’t great after a lack of sleep and LOTS of proofreading and typing (after submitting two assignments this week).

Bella 🙂

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Turn and Face the Strange)

Week 1 finished, and boy to be honest, I cannot wait until this week is gone. From what I can tell, changes has occurred once again. New timetable, longer practise hours, new schedule, new work hours, new everything. The one thing I’m most happy, and are most super welcoming that doesn’t change is the people around me. Seeing my friends, and MCM community made me so at home, and welcomed once again. I’ll probably cry internally (in a good way) when thinking how much of a small, close family we have at MCM. Although I see a few new faces, it’s nice to see someone from the MCM community.

From what I can tell you, I had an interesting week. Half of me says, “It’s a blast!” Then another half of me is not impressed. Oh well. What can you do? This will be a long post, but it will be worth it if you’re having a bad week.

Monday was a funny first day start. Woke up with 6 hours of sleep. Nek minute, when I was going to put my shoes on, my skinny jeans ripped down under. It made a loud ripping noise, which made me say, “OH. MY. GOD!” This was my reason why I was about 10 minutes late to my Aural Studies 2 tute. Yeap…

Having an anxious and wanting to freak out about recital preparation through on Monday, I went to have coffee with my friend during my “study” time after my Aural Studies tute. It made everything so much better.

Practised before Piano Class, went to Piano Class, and then ended up having the need to do something during Piano Class. I then try playing Pokemon Go. Nek minute, the theme of the game blasts off in full volume, during when my Head of Keyboard asked all of us a question about a Beethoven Sonata Op. 38. Again, I forgot to turn off the volume down on my phone’s volume; I used my phone as a metronome when working on my Piano Duo piece.

Left the class feeling a little embarrassed, but laughed at myself that it happened. I think everybody had a really good laugh when that happened.

Tuesday felt like I was stressed as. Trying to cram a new piano duo part for Wednesday’s audition since Monday was crazy. Trying to polish it up a day before my audition was nuts. The most craziest thing I had to do for an audition. I practised my piano duo piece the entire day, while having class on at the same time. I had my first Deafness and Communication tutorial, which made my mind go distorted. Usually in tutorials, I try to participate as much as I can to get the most out of it. I was a little shy being as sleep deprived Nicole.

I also had my first workshop for Aural Studies 2. No swearing involved this week during an Aural Studies workshop. Yes! Hahaha.

Then, I did more practising. Finishing the day with about four hours of practising, 1 hour of piano duo rehearsal included too.

Wednesday was the day of my piano duo audition. Woke up at 6:15am, struggling to get out of bed as I had less than 7 hours of sleep these past couple of days. Had a rehearsal at 8:30am till 9am. Then, did more practising for another 2 more hours to prepare for my piano duo. I also had another run through before my audition with my partner 15 minutes before auditioning starts.

Being as nervous and pressured as heck, as I know there are not many spots available, as I look at the sheet full of names in ensemble rooms. I introduced myself with the most polite voice when my examiner asked me, and we performed. Not quite sure what came to me, but I just went with the music. At the same time as I went with the music, I started to get adrenaline in my system, and tried not to freak out as I breathe in and out heavily.

Examiner stops, and felt like my examiner wasn’t very impressed, leaving us feeling like there’s no hope of getting in. Though there’s a slight hope as the examiner says, “It’s not definite yet.” Got out of the room, look at each other like if we went back in time, we could’ve made something better in order to get in. But the audition happened, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Thursday was a one huge catch up day. 2 hours practise on orchestra pieces, as I’ll be performing next Sunday for Melbourne Youth Strings and Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra. Went to Concert Class.

Concert Class was actually good today; there was performers! But unfortunately, there wasn’t any comment sheet, or a program, meaning they probably didn’t take on with the feedback. I wish we had our old Concert Class coordinator back. The system back then is way better than the now.

As Concert Class finish early like usual, had lunch with my friends who major in Piano. Nek minute, got a text from my duo partner. I can feel the energy from reading what my duo partner wrote. I felt really bummed as well. So, I straightaway had to change my timetable around. So instead of Piano Duo and Duet, I had space to do Music and Health.

After my break, I went to do another four hours of practising with my recital pieces, totalling up with 6 hours of practising.

6pm dings, and week 1 is finally done. I left the con leaving my body feeling physically exhausted. I pretty much took a nana nap on my way back home.

So, that’s my week. It’s definitely not over yet. I still got to face Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So it’s not finished yet, but at least classes for this week are finished. Yes, there are going to be changes. So I’ll just accept it, learn about what I experienced, laugh about it and move forward. I think I will never forget how happy, and welcomed I was back at the con again with my friends and MCM people around me.

I hope your first week went well.

PS: Yes, I did listen to Changes by David Bowie on my way back home, and whilst writing this blog. Hahaha. Too relatable for my life this week.



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