Home alone [Daniel]

It’s strange to think that you do do better by yourself, that other people, friends for instance, are actually just holding you back. It’s weird and strange, and echoes thoughts I had a long time ago, thoughts filled with trepidation over the idea of moving in with a friend. Maybe those thoughts were true.

I’m saving more money, I’m able to write more, the house no longer messy, the clothes no longer smelling, my larder not bare, my living room livable, and most of all importantly – I do not have to care.

I don’t have to be considerate is actually more apt, and to boot sounds terribly mean, but it’s the truth. Without my abundant considerations of everybody/everyone else, I’m actually doing what I want to do – living life as I should, and generally enjoying it more.

I must say what a strange chain that must be, that of a friends. Hmmmm read Oscar Wilde’s short stories if you want to get slightly depressed about those sorts of things. Not that anyone is suggesting friendship is bad, just that it’s sometimes a little unequal.

So enjoying things more through being, not selfish, but rather considerate to the self – enjoying the wonders of me time finally.  So a strange set of results from what is normally considered to be bad.

So yeah the moral of this story is don’t let anyone, even friends, hold you back. Especially when it comes down to things like living with them. Not that they’re bad friends, but if I had a choice I’d choose someone else easily enough.

Anyhow aside from that, university is interesting. At this point, I did my mid-semester medley of essays, so now I’m blissfully catching up on readings that I haven’t done since week 4/5 (and hating the lateness of philosophy text books).

I’ve received one of these essays back already (which I am not at all happy about). And have decided that every single subject has a different way of doing essays, and within that every different tutor has a certain way of doing essays, and depending on what time of year, the humidity of the air, this, that and the other, what they want changes. And so I’ve found myself with a bad average already (not an F, but in arts not getting an honors mark is worse than death! Death I say!), through a complete misunderstanding of how my lecturer likes his essays. And there’s nothing I can do about it now – or somewhat technically before (I was so sure that it was right that I didn’t ask for his help) – so now I’ll just have to go over it with him and hope I haven’t been hit by some sort of essay retardant.

One of the perks of going to uni, write to your audience (the tutor) NO ONE ELSE! God forbid if it’s something that you enjoy (I say this sarcastically but in some cases this is very true).

A way to get around this is to stick with the tutors/lecturer’s you know so that you can get a feel for what they want from your essays. In the long run it’s a lot less stressful (that’s not to say that you can’t go out and try new lecturers, just they’ll be an unknown essay marking variable).
Anyhow time for brunch,