UGH one exam left and I’m horrified I’m going to fail the subject because it’s an extended response thingie wherein I have to pick 8 of 14 offered questions to answer, which means I have to be an expert in at the very least 8 lectures of a total of 24. I’m beginning to panic, especially because this is a third year subject and I need like a H1 average across them and I’ve already goofed up the other project in the subject (P?! I CAN’T AFFORD A P!!!). I’ve got one week left to study and errrrmergeeerd I haven’t even reviewed half the subject.
SO basically I need a life-plan change.
Maybe I’ll just bite the bullet.
Those who can’t, teach. Going to go talk to some more course counsellors. Scared I might not be able to do post-grad anything at the uni but darn it I really like it here 0__0

In other much better news I’m volunteering to help out students who have to meet up with the Course Unsatisfactory Progress Committee (http://union.unimelb.edu.au/advocacy/progress-committee/), which is of much greater personal interest than learning about Alan Fridlund’s ideas about emotional expression and the influence of genetics on emotion.
I also just made a really delicious smoothie.
So there’s that.


  1. Also, the house I’m renting has dodgy electricity and my landlord is a smarmy git who hasn’t responded to any of my maintenance reports so we rang him and he told us to ring him on his other number….
    …. apparently they use dial-up internet cause all that number leads to is dial-tone.
    Thinking I might have to report the arse to VCAT for not responding to our other maintenance report for months and DAMMIT I don’t have time for this stressful crap.

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