Turnitin Glitch? (Nicole)

Imagine this, you have successfully written a 2000 word essay in two days, and submitted your essay on turnitin like a boss… while feeling mentally exhausted from formulating ideas into academic sentences. Then, two weeks later, you were excited on going to check your results on the LMS. Things started to go a little odd from there, as your results hasn’t appeared yet; you have been checking your results during the weekend, and nothing has turn up. You then check on the submission page via LMS on the turnitin link, and you had realised something; your assignment has not appeared, nor submitted. You have a ten out of ten anxiety attack, your face goes pale, and you almost want to faint, as it is worth 60% of your final grade. You quickly email your tutor asking in the most panic manner of whether they had received your essay.

Tutor: “Nope, I haven’t received your essay”


Your tutor forwards the email to your subject coordinator of what has happened with your essay submission, and asks information. You try to forward as much evidence you can that you had completed your essay on time, or slightly on time, between your tutor and your subject coordinator.

Subject coordinator: “All good. Just relax!”


A couple of hours later, you receive your essay. You then read through your feedback, and that looks totally fine. Things have settled down, and you’re happy of your grade. Then, your final thoughts settles in as from this, “Never again will I ever complete a 2000 word essay until 2am. Never again will I do essays last minute. I will next time on taking a screenshot of my turnitin receipt. Will do next time on checking my uni email on my successful submission on turnitin. Next time I really, really should to go, and have my essay checked out at ASO (Academic Service Office). I have finally learnt my lesson… after three semesters into my degree.”

Things to take from this post:

  • Screenshot everything (submission on turnitin receipt, when you last modify your essay)
  • Be honest between your tutor and your subject coordinator if this happens
  • Must use ASO next time to have feedback (really I should though, imagine my grades if I did so. H1 indeed)
  • If you have a 2000 word research essay, one must not never ever do it last minute. My brain died after completing my essay
  • If they are understandable, and they were willing to grade your essay, thank the lord for saving your ass in your studies
  • If this happens to you, and you didn’t receive a turnitin receipt, take a screenshot of your history browser, and when you last modified your document. If you had erased your history browser, cross your fingers, and hope for the best that it they are willing to grade your essay.
  • When I’ll graduate, I have many stories to tell of my undergrad journey… including this one. Haha ha ha haaaa….. *face palm*

I’m going to paste this here, once again, of how much has happened to me these past few months, and how my consciousness feels about it

“Oh well… things happen for a reason. *angrily flips a table, but then being okay with it afterwards*”

– Nicole

2 thoughts on “Turnitin Glitch? (Nicole)

  1. So glad it worked out! One of my classes had heaps of Turnitin issues this semester too. Valuable lessons to pass on 🙂

  2. I’m so pleased it all worked out for you – great tip to screenshot your submission. It only takes a second, and then you can rest easy.

    Academic Skills are offering iTutes all though SWOT Vac and Exams. Just bring along a hard copy of your work along with the assignment task sheet and criteria. Here’s how to book: http://services.unimelb.edu.au/academicskills/teaching

    Good luck with your final submissions!

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