Semester Two (Raph)

Good morning my neglected blog-reader friends! I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been enjoying the posts of my fellow writers, and the newcomers on First_year.

Last semester was a really busy time for me, I felt like I was trying really hard just to keep up from Week 3! This semester I plan to organise my time better and work more constantly to stay up-to-date, and have time to write for this blog without feeling like I should be doing a hundred other things instead.

In general, things are really good though: I’m doing pretty well in all my subjects and have so many different friends around Uni that I keep bumping into all the time – maybe that’s why I never have any time? – that I feel really connected to the campus and it’s never boring coming in for a couple of classes. The best thing about Uni is that you have groups of friends from so many different places – every subject, tutorials, clubs, events, parties ect. Even group project partners (if you’re exceedingly lucky like I was last semester) can become good friends. The hard part is managing to see them all and keep up the friendship, but that often happens by just being on campus during semester.

I’m slightly worried about an electrical engineering subject I’m doing this semester since I’ve only done introductory physics and the lecture schedule has words I haven’t heard of before like “Rectifier Circuits”, “Capacitors” and “Transient Analysis”. I went to the library and borrowed the 900-page textbook though, so I’m on the right track… I hope!

My major is Computing and Software Systems, so I’m also doing a software development subject, and I spent the winter learning how to make apps for iPhone which was really cool! It’s nice to be able to apply what I’ve learned at Uni to a more practical setting. I may still be a fair way off the final product, but I’m making a public transport app that’s good (the PTV app is pretty awful in my opinion) and I’ll let you know when you can download it from the App Store!

Best of luck for the semester ahead,


One Response to “Semester Two (Raph)”

  1. hendersona says:

    A new transport app?!! Sign me up!!!
    So pleased (and not at all surprised) to hear you’ve made some wonderful friends at uni. Keep up the awesome work!