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  1. A tipping point?

    Maybe I wasn’t cut out for uni to begin with? I feel like everything is over my head, and that I should understand things better… On the other hand, I’ve only done Psych for three weeks, so perhaps I should be less hard on myself. But I look at this project – only 1000 words! […]

  2. Work, friends, time?

    I’ve been running around like a headless chicken for a while now, organizing work, sorting out (well attempting to) internships, going back into work, donating blood, meeting friends and and and and…… stuff a lot of it splurging out all over the place. And I like it, but I’d be lying if I said I […]

  3. NO OFFER.

    A letter from VTAC, addressed to me. I rip it open, enjoying the sound of tearing paper. NO OFFER. Written in capitals, bold, and size 18 font. How polite! I complain to my bemused housemate, waving the letter around. They even included a pamphlet telling me how to accept my NO OFFER offer! Rub it in, VTAC, rub it in!

  4. A calling [Daniel]

    There’s a certain period of time where things start to nip and jab at your subconscious, whether it be about the way a certain girl [or guy, I can be open minded…. not in that way though …..] looks at you, the words in a job advertisement coincide with the smile on your face, or […]

  5. Poor.

    The moment when you realise you can’t afford to buy $2 burgers from McDonalds is the moment you realise how poor you are. Having lived only two weeks on a budget of $30, I can declare to you that I need a damned job.   Centrelink is paying me the maximum amount of both Youth […]

  6. Ruminating on Plans Gone Awry – Money, Moving, VTAC Offers

    This is a post about being a good sister (*cough*martyr*cough) and not getting your own way. I’ve been living with my boyfriend for the past six months in a lovely mansion – a heritage listed one, no less – that he rents with 4 other friends. Rent has been very cheap for me and my […]

  7. Chapter Sixty-Three: Until It Hurts (~jinghan)

    I heard a quote from Mother Theresa “The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.” I have to admit that I know very little else about this woman, but from this one line I felt like she was someone who saw a lot of truth and was someone to be respected. […]

  8. My results[Daniel]

    It’s a funny thing to look at your results and know that the mark you recieved was unfair. Even before the results came out I knew, in my heart of hearts, that this subject was going to get marked down regardless of what I put into them, my premise, my point of view was against […]

  9. Rollin’ with it.

    Hey howdy friends and lovers, it’s been… a while… since I checked back here. I feel like I’ve been busy, yet in reflection, I’ve done very little. But then, I don’t think it’s how much you’re doing that defines busy, but how absorbed you are. Little things are still my fascination. =) Today all I’ve […]


    There isn’t a sweeter word in the English language than holidays. It strikes joy into the heart of every university student everywhere, and particularly in this university student. I finished my exams a week ago and I can safely say I have done very little, achieved absolutely nothing and I am LOVING it. I will […]

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