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  1. Contribute to the First Year Diaries blog in 2023

    The First Year Diaries blog is currently in its 18th year of giving first years the space to share their experiences of starting and surviving uni with others. Future students and fellow first years from Melbourne and around the world read the blog to find out what uni is really like, day to day. To […]

  2. Another year over?!

    What do you do when you realise Uni is over for another year? I had my last exam on Thursday last week, so have been free for almost a week now, and it’s weird. It’s such an anticlimax to finish exams, to not know what to do without the stress driving you forward, or what to […]

  3. Mid-semester break

    After a really busy few weeks, mid-semester break provides a chance to pause, revise, catch up and also have a break! This semester, like all those past, has been crazy and extremely busy. Like the duck often used as a simile in situations like this, I’m always struggling to stay afloat, even if everything seems […]

  4. The Student Who Overslept (Aimee)

    Hi there, dear readers! It’s funny how the most important life-events pass quietly – unnoticed. One of these, for me, happened seven years ago. Rewind to 2010… *cue flashback music* Little me (isn’t she sweet!?) is on holiday in Lorne and her (my?) mum is putting on a DVD. As the opening credits roll, little […]

  5. An Apologetic Guide to Time-Management (Aimee)

    Salutations to all my lovely (and I should say: shamefully abandoned!!) readers! Now, you know the drill… I give you a friendly greeting, faff on about some recent event, conclude with the moral-of-the-day (a bit like Sesame St!) and everything is all lindt balls and roses – happy-happy joy-joy! Except today, I’m making a change. […]

  6. Semester Two (Raph)

    Good morning my neglected blog-reader friends! I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been enjoying the posts of my fellow writers, and the newcomers on First_year. Last semester was a really busy time for me, I felt like I was trying really hard just to keep up from Week 3! This semester I plan […]

  7. Doing A Okay!

    Being back into the swings from mid-semester break, I faced a difficult time last week. I was being very hard on myself. I was putting so much pressure on myself, that I wanted to breakdown last Friday afternoon. I was screaming in frustration in my practice room when I couldn’t play a phrase that I […]

  8. Third Year Update!

    I’m a little bit late into the party, but hello once again, everybody! This is probably the first time that ‘Back for Seconds’ has invited third year blogger(s) into this blog community. So, I am very delighted to be back here writing in this blog site again! I will be writing occasionally in this blog […]

  9. A Guide to Figuring Out the Rest of Your Life… (Aimee)

    Hello to you, my lovely reader pals! An official welcome to *trumpets and fanfare* Year 2!! (The second series; the sequel, as it were!) Let’s plunge straight into today’s topic: life decisions!! During Year 12, I had this whacky but rather wonderful Lit teacher. I remember, during SAC prep, a well-meaning boy with awful study […]

  10. Switcheroo

    Going into the second year is a significant step for any Uni student, with experiences varying for each of us. That being said, most probably won’t have as turbulent of a shift as mine. Switching courses proved to be a challenging ordeal, but I’m glad to say that I’ve actually transferred, as of the start of this semester, […]

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