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  1. A calling [Daniel]

    There’s a certain period of time where things start to nip and jab at your subconscious, whether it be about the way a certain girl [or guy, I can be open minded…. not in that way though …..] looks at you, the words in a job advertisement coincide with the smile on your face, or […]

  2. My results[Daniel]

    It’s a funny thing to look at your results and know that the mark you recieved was unfair. Even before the results came out I knew, in my heart of hearts, that this subject was going to get marked down regardless of what I put into them, my premise, my point of view was against […]

  3. All about me. And Uni.

    In an entry all about me… I have had a few ‘I hate uni’ moments in the past week or so. This has resulted in no study, lack of sleep and not turning up to classes. In fact – I have skipped five lectures and yet another one of my (compulsory) labs this week, which […]

  4. I’m kind of screwed, but it’ll turn out OK. (Suzanne)

    Hello, all. Before I get on with the ‘real’ part of this post, a plug: my friend Mimi is organising a benefit concert for the Sudanese refugee community. The event is MSS-supported, so I feel like I should abuse the captive audience I have here to promote it. The details are: Event: Music For Life: […]

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