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  1. The Student Who Overslept (Aimee)

    Hi there, dear readers! It’s funny how the most important life-events pass quietly – unnoticed. One of these, for me, happened seven years ago. Rewind to 2010… *cue flashback music* Little me (isn’t she sweet!?) is on holiday in Lorne and her (my?) mum is putting on a DVD. As the opening credits roll, little […]

  2. In Sickness and in Health

    What’s interesting about uni life, or even academic life starting from high school, is that those rush of deadlines come seemingly out of nowhere. For a few weeks, it seems almost like easy cruising, your expected to just go to lectures, take notes, go to tutorials and participate. However, in the course of 2-3 weeks […]

  3. Doing A Okay!

    Being back into the swings from mid-semester break, I faced a difficult time last week. I was being very hard on myself. I was putting so much pressure on myself, that I wanted to breakdown last Friday afternoon. I was screaming in frustration in my practice room when I couldn’t play a phrase that I […]

  4. Third Year Update!

    I’m a little bit late into the party, but hello once again, everybody! This is probably the first time that ‘Back for Seconds’ has invited third year blogger(s) into this blog community. So, I am very delighted to be back here writing in this blog site again! I will be writing occasionally in this blog […]

  5. So Long, Farewell

    Last week, brings an end to my second year journey, and also this lovely blog community, ‘Back For Seconds’. It has been a crazy year indeed, but it was so worth it. If I can summarise my second year life, it was a rollercoaster, yet again, both emotional, and physically. I can strongly remember how […]

  6. The End is Thy Near

    No time, no see readers! I have been super duper busy lately. Mainly, the workload has been off the charts after the sixth week of semester two. It has been crazy. Today, all of my assessments are FINISHED. DONE! I’m really happy. Now, I just need to focus on my recital exam, which is coming up next week. […]

  7. Where Did All The Time Go?

    Tomorrow will be the beginning of week 8, and it seems like time has gone fast like always every semester. I like it when time goes by fast, but at the same time it is a bit of a worrying when exams will be coming up the next. There are a few things that I […]

  8. Taking A Breather

    Sometimes, taking a sleep in is the best idea for a short break. During the past six weeks, it has been very hectic. I was a part of open day, auditioned for AYO (Australian Youth Orchestra), performed in two gigs  in MYS (Melbourne Youth Strings) and PGYO (Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra), auditioned for piano duo […]

  9. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Turn and Face the Strange)

    Week 1 finished, and boy to be honest, I cannot wait until this week is gone. From what I can tell, changes has occurred once again. New timetable, longer practise hours, new schedule, new work hours, new everything. The one thing I’m most happy, and are most super welcoming that doesn’t change is the people around […]

  10. Back for Second S(emester) – Bella

    Woohoo! First week  =  complete (yes, it’s only Thursday night, but I’m an Arts student). I have had an awesome first week back for semester two. Monday I had my first lecture back in the beautiful, shiny and new Arts West! I’ve only been waiting for this building for, like, 1 and a half years, hahaha. […]

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