Identities 2016

Who am I? What does it mean to be human? Where do I belong? These have always been central and urgent questions for the humanities. The 2016 SHAPS flagship public lecture series explored such questions under the broad theme of “Identities”. The concept of identity, both individual and collective, is fraught with complexity. There has always existed a multiform universe of parallel identities in every human society, profoundly colouring and shaping the ways people think and act. In this lecture series, a diverse group of inspiring speakers approached the topic of identity from a range of perspectives, informed by the School’s vibrant mix of disciplines. What makes a person, a civilisation, or an object the same over time? How much change can we undergo and yet remain identical? What role does our knowledge of the past play in defining the ways we understand who we are today?  How are we connected to our heritage and future? How do race and gender construct who we are? Take a look, hear for yourself, and leave a slightly different person!

Videos of lectures on this theme are available through the links below.


Professor Yasmin Saikia Nations, Neighbours & Humanity 

Image: AUSSIE Posters, 2018. Image © Peter Drew. Thanks to Peter for the permission to use his images. For more on his AUSSIE Posters head to his website.