Byzantine Reading Group

An informal group that meets on Wednesdays at 5:15pm in a friendly and supportive environment to read medieval (Byzantine) Greek texts. Anyone with any knowledge of Greek is welcome. Currently we are working on producing the first ever translation of the late eleventh-century Greek Chronicle of Kedrenos which ‘covers’ (perhaps the wrong word) the period from Creation to 811 CE in 800 pages. We hope (and expect) to publish our effort in a year or so’s time.

We generally finish around 6:30 and most continue the discussion over a pizza/pasta and glass of wine on Lygon Street.

For further information, contact Roger Scott or John Burke via email or see our website.

Feature image: Byzantine Reading Group during the reign of Constantine VII (944–959), from the twelfth-century Madrid Skylitzes manuscript, folio 134r, aimed at illustrating Skylitzes’ eleventh-century account of Constantine’s revival of many branches of education at all levels. Skylitzes’ Synopsis of History covers Byzantine history from 811 to 1057 CE.