German & Aegean Postgraduate Reading Groups

Historical research is published across the globe in a number of languages other than English, and one must be able to read these works. Postgraduate students take different approaches to these languages, often taking classes offered by the University or seeking outside private instruction. But some likeminded students decided that coming together to read works in different languages and offer assistance and advice to each other would be beneficial. The Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Society currently runs a German reading group for those looking to refine and improve their German comprehension skills. We have read works such as some Theodor Mommsen’s Römisches Staatsrecht (Roman Constitutional Law) and, currently, the group is reading Das spätrömische Bewegungsheer und die Notitia dignitatum (The Late Roman Mobile Army and the Notitia Dignitatum) by Dietrich Hoffman.

The Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Society also runs an Aegean Studies Reading Group. With the influx of postgraduate students studying prehistory, this group was created in early 2019 to encourage and engage students at postgraduate level in wider reading surrounding the topic. Various articles and book chapters that explore different topics in the archaeology of Aegean societies are nominated every two weeks. They are usually comparative, assessing similarities and differences between two or more of these societies.

For further information on both groups, contact the Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate society via email or their Facebook page.

Feature image: The Aegean Reading Group at University House during the final meeting for Semester One, 2019. Photographer: Emily Simons