UniMelb History Society

Since its establishment in 2017, the History Society has been tirelessly dedicated to upholding its central mission of promoting the study of history at the University of Melbourne, and creating an inclusive and welcoming community for students who have an interest in history. To this end, we run a number of educational and social events. From Indigenous heritage walks to museum visits to study sessions to trivia nights and pub nights, there is something for everyone in the History Society. Our membership consists of a wide range of like- and unlike-minded individuals from all corners of the University, from greenhorns raring to take on their first bachelor degree to grizzled veterans taking yet another swing at their PhD. At the History Society, you will be in the hands of a committee well armed to provide the best experience possible. In 2018, the Student Union recognised the society’s efforts by presenting the committee with the ‘Best New Club’ award.

Yet the gift continues to give; as well as being part of a great community, History Society members also have the opportunity to have the fruits of their labour published in the undergraduate History journal, Chariot, which enjoyed a massively successful launch in late 2018. With so many opportunities in store, there should be nothing stopping anyone from joining the History Society, and we of the History Society committee look forward to welcoming you!

For all our news and events, head to Facebook. You can also contact us via email.



President: Teo Haines

Secretary: Julia Richards

Treasurer: Sam Cowen

Education Officer: Charlotte Allan

General Committee Members: Freddy Hayward, Pamela Piechowicz and Ian Sun

Previous years

2022 President: Susan Malikoff; Secretary: Molly Lidgerwood; Treasurer: Lilah Shapiro; Education Officer: Charlotte Allan; General Committee: Elina Pugacheva, Teo Haines, and Radite Aldo Bagaskoro

2021 President: Tim Lilley; Secretary: Kirsten Leung (Resigned), Victoria Streeton-Cook; Treasurer: Victor Wei Sun; Education Officer: Henry Rolfe; General Committee: Susan Malikoff, Avalon Welch, Molly Lidgerwood and Sami Zehir (Resigned)

2020 President: Tim Lilley; Secretary: Max Dowell; Treasurer: Victor Wei Sun; Education Officer: Matthew Harper-Gomm; General Committee: Henry Rolfe, Kirsten Leung, and Benjamin Cronshaw

2019 President: Jade Smith; Secretary: Tim Lilley; Treasurer: Victor Wei Sun; Education Officer: Benjamin Cronshaw; General Committee: Rebecca McGrath, Noah Ellis, and Jesse Seeberg-Gordon

2018 President: Jade Smith; Secretary: Tristram Feder; Treasurer: Victor Wei Sun; Education Officer: Conna Ravel Speelman; General Committee – Josh Abbey, Benjamin Cronshaw, and Rebecca McGrath